"It is necessary that people work together in unison toward common objectives and avoid working at cross purposes at all levels if the ultimate in efficiency and achievement is to be obtained."
— By Dave Packard

We respect and abide by both the Telos Governance and the EOS Mainnet Constitution. We have contributed in building the Telos Governance Framework and are credited co-author of the Telos Governance documents. Source @ Telos Foundationhttps://telosfoundation.io/governance

Telos Governance Overview



EOS Analog



Operating Agreement
Primary governance documentEOS ConstitutionAdoptedpdf icon
Arbitration Rules & Procedures
Rules and procedures for arbitration on TelosECAF RulesAdoptedpdf icon
Arbitration Parameters Schedule
Initial Arbitration Parameters ScheduleNoneAdoptedpdf icon
Regproducer Contract
Rules, responsibilities and representations of block producersEOS ‘Regproducer’ ContractAdoptedpdf icon
BP Minimums
Minimum requirements to act as a block producerNoneAdoptedpdf icon
‘Regarb’ Contract
Rules, responsibilities and representations of arbitratorsNoneAdoptedpdf icon
Arbitrator Minimums
Minimum requirements to act as an arbitratorNoneAdoptedpdf icon
Network Data Protection Policy
Data protection policyNoneAdoptedpdf icon

EOS Mainnet Constitution

Our Shared Values includes


Our culture is “Default to Transparency”. We will be completely open and transparent. Our issues (positives and negatives) will be put out there for the community and world to see.


Trust and Respect for Individuals:

We work together to create a culture of inclusion; which is built on trust, respect and dignity for all.


Achievement and Contribution:

We strive for excellence in all what we do. Each one of your’s & our’s contribution is critical to EOS success.


Education and Meaningful Innovation:

Education (Awareness & Training) is the key for EOS echosystem to succeed and to play a major role in global economy. We will also support useful and significant initiatives in this industry.


Speed and Agility:

We are resourceful and adaptable. We will achieve results faster than our competitors.


Uncompromising Integrity:

We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.


Global Citizenship:

We understand our responsibility to global society by being an intellectual, social, and economic asset to each country and local community independent from any discrimination.