ICON Blockchain Network

ICON is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. The ICON project is now building one of the largest decentralized networks in the world by electing 100 Public Representatives (P-Reps) for the ICON Blockchain Network by delegation of ICONists. The top ranked 22 main P-Reps will participate in block production, verification and making governance decisions. More than 200,000 ICONists are voting for eligible P-Rep candidates to boost the ICON ecosystem.

ICON aims to Hyperconnect the World by eradicating various boundaries that have been existed in the centralized systems. It allows the possibility to interconnect diverse public and private blockchains and communities.

Source: ICON Foundation


ICONSENSUS is a journey towards mass market adoption of ICON blockchain network. Reference: https://icon.community/iconsensus/ . There are four key items that play an important role to ensure mass market adoption: P-Rep, DBP, EEP, and C-Rep. The ICON blockchain network has high growth potential based on various on-chain governance and incentive systems.

C-Rep (Community Representative)

A C-Rep represents a Community. It is connected to the ICON Network, and is elected via autonomous decision-making within the respective Community in accordance to sufficient contribution verified. A C-Rep is a connection between ICON Network and Community, validating transactions on the ICON Network. A C-Rep proposes and votes on policies that represents interests of each Community.

P-Rep (Public Representative)

A P-Rep, unlike a C-Rep, represents ICONists who do not belong to any specific Community. It is elected by evidencing its sufficient contribution to the ICON Network or by receiving sufficient delegations from other ICONists. A P-Rep also verifies transactions on the ICON Network, but unlike a C-Rep, it proposes and votes policies that maximize overall ICONist interests of the ICON Network.

EEP (Ecosystem Expansion Project)

ICON Community members may/will propose and implement projects and activities that contribute to ICON ecosystem expansion.

DBP (DApp Booster Program)

DApps on the ICON Network will receive a portion of the block rewards based on their ranking. Receiving more votes from ICONists increases rank.

Source: https://icon.community/iconsensus/


ICON Sweden
(P-Rep, EEP, DBP, C-Rep)

ICON Sweden, is at minimum, is a P-Rep. However, it will also play an active role within whole ecosystem expanding it’s activities for  EEP (Ecosystem Expansion Project), DBP (DApp Booster Program), and C-Rep (Community Representative).

Hybrid (Bare Metal + Cloud)

We use highly Secure, Resilient, & Reliable Bare Metal Severs at Geographically Safe and multiple locations for Blocks Production Nodes (+ Community Nodes). For additional extra nodes we use reliable Cloud Service Providers (AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr) that comply with CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) CCM (Cloud Controls Matrix) industry best practices. We also align our processes and procedures with Information Security best practices (ISO 27001/2, ISO 27005, ISO27017, ISO27018).


Experienced BP/P-Rep

We manages complex Hybrid-Cloud Blockchain Infrastructures. We provide Security, Privacy, Reliable Operations, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risk Management Services. We are Block Producers and have active Block Production Nodes in several Blockchain Projects, including, but not limited to;

We have also participated in ICON testnets for all phases and regression/load testing. We had 3 ICON P-Rep testnet nodes in two different testnets.

Mainnet “Citizen Node”:

SOCIAL NETWORKS for swedencornet

Social Media, Communication & Collaboration activities will play a key role in bringing the community together, understand the needs of various stakeholders, and to take mutually agreed actions. It will help to empower it’s communities. Here are some of the Social Networks for swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO):

Awareness and Education (Videos)

Serving masses (including ICON, EOSIO Global Communities) is our top priority. We start serve by awarenesseducationengagement and support.

Welcome to The People’s Proxy

Energetic, optimistic, & tech entrepreneurs. Decades of experience in Security, Privacy, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risks Management. Regularly accesses BPs based on these sound principles and values.


All about BLOCKCHAIN - Awareness, Education & Opportunities - (in URDU/HINDI)

Blockchain in Simple Words

Basics of Blockchain, Blockchain Security, Use, and Applications.