Social Media, Communication & Collaboration

SOCIAL NETWORKS for swedencornet

Social Media, Communication & Collaboration activities will play a key role in bringing the community together, understand the needs of various stakeholders, and to take mutually agreed actions. It will help to empower it’s communities. Here are some of the Social Networks for EOS SWEDEN:

Awareness and Education (Videos)

Serving masses (including EOSIO, ICON Global Communities) is our top priority. We start serve by awarenesseducationengagement and support.

Welcome to The People’s Proxy

Energetic, optimistic, & tech entrepreneurs. Decades of experience in Security, Privacy, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risks Management. Regularly accesses BPs based on these sound principles and values.


All about BLOCKCHAIN - Awareness, Education & Opportunities - (in URDU/HINDI)

Blockchain in Simple Words

Basics of Blockchain, Blockchain Security, Use, and Applications.