swedencornet (ICON Sweden | EOSIO)

We are Security, Privacy, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risks Management Experts. We believe in OPENNESS, TRANSPARENCY, & FARE PLAY for EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES. We are active in ICON, EOSIO & D.Tube.

In ICON we were/are part of ICON Testnet phases. We are the 1st registered P-Rep Candidate. We are with ICON since ICON ICO Launch (2017).

We have experience and have active Block Production Nodes in several Blockchain Projects. Our CPU execution times are below “1.3 ms”.

We are early members of Telos Launch Group (TLG) since 1st week of July 2018. We were co-chair of TLG Working Groups Security, and GRC (Governance, Risks, & Compliance). We are credited author of core Telos Blockchain Network Governance documents. We also played a key role in TLG WGs Governance, Network Maintenance, Social Media, Exchange Outreach, DApps, and so on… We are obsessed with Telos and would like it to succeed in becoming the best choice for DApps in both Enterprise and Consumer domains.

We Welcome Everyone and strives for Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

We welcome anyone who is Blockchain Enthusiast and is willing to positively contribute for the greater good of blockchain ecosystem(s). We support the applicable governance models that enable the protection of the stakeholders (including, but not limited to: individual token holders) who are part of the valid chain.

As top priority, our role is both to produce blocks and secure the blockchain ecosystem. We will play an integral role for the awarenesseducation and future growth of decentralized blockchain echosystem.

Giving Back & Surplus Revenue Sharing Models

We will play an integral role to raise Awareness, Education and Future Growth of decentralized blockchain echosystem via Meaningful Innovation.

    • Bribes and Buying Votes:
      We have strong policy “against” bribes and paying money to buy votes. We do “not” accept any sum of money or other inducement offered or given to bribe someone.
    • Giving Back: 
      We will give back to the community by Education, Awareness Activities and Meaningful Innovation. We will use part of surplus revenue to support and develop innovative DApps to help global and local communities. As we grow with time, depending on circumstances, we will also focus on developing innovative “surplus revenue sharing models” within the applicable legal and ethical boundaries.

ICON P-Rep Voting for: “ICON Sweden”

TELOS Voting for BP: swedencornet

TELOS Sqrl App: https://telosfoundation.io/downloads
TELOS tracker: http://telostracker.io/account/swedencornet

NOTE: You can also vote us by command (if you have valid TELOS build installed and configured):

teclos -u http://telos.eossweden.eu --wallet-url system voteproducer prods your-account swedencornet -p your-account

EOS Voting for BP: swedencornet

EOS Network Monitor.io: http://eosnetworkmonitor.io/#accountInfo:swedencornet
EOS tracker: https://eostracker.io/producers/swedencornet

NOTE: You can also vote us by command (if you have valid EOS build installed and configured):

cleos -u http://telos.eossweden.eu --wallet-url system voteproducer prods your-account swedencornet -p your-account


Watch the video to see how easy it is to cast the vote via eosportal and scatter: